Food that fits just right.


Eat clean and achieve your goals

Methodology makes it easy to eat clean every day. Get made-to-order organic meals delivered twice a week. Every meal is individually weighed to ensure you eat the right amount of calories, carbs, protein, and fat.


Quantify yourself

We meticulously log all of your food, making it easy to see how your calories and macros affect your body.

Get personalized portions

We individually portion every meal to make sure each meal is within +/- 3 grams of your macro-nutrient targets.

Optimize your macros

Our proprietary algorithms optimize your macro and calorie targets based on how your body and lifestyle change.

Set it and forget it

Subscribe and get meals automatically delivered free twice a week. You can pause your subscription anytime.

Set and achieve goals

We don't just feed you healthy food; we're here to help you set and achieve concrete goals. 

Control what you eat

Update your target calories and macros anytime. Tell us your food allergies and we'll keep them out of your meals.


Choose a Method to get started


With calories, focus on quantity and quality

The right number of calories

Everyone's metabolism is different, and you have to eat the right amount of calories for your body. We'll adjust your daily caloric intake to ensure you're eating as many calories as you can while still progressing toward your goal.


The right macronutrient ratio

Your body responds differently to calories from fat, carbohydrates, and protein. These are known as macronutrients. It's often helpful to change your macronutrient ratio as your body, lifestyle, goals, or tastes change.


The highest-quality calories

Methodology gives you calories from the most nutrient-dense sources of food. Methodology meals are sugar-free and artificial ingredient-free. All meat is pastured and all seafood is wild. You'll get at least two servings of vegetables in every meal. 


How It Works


You can eat healthier no matter how busy you are. Follow the steps below and you'll be eating clean by Monday. 


Select a Method and subscribe

Tell us your primary goal by choosing your Method. Then subscribe to a meal plan by choosing the number of Methodology meals you'd like to have delivered each week.


Personalize your meal plan

After you subscribe, we'll ask you to tell us your goals and preferences so we can design a meal plan just for you. Your meal plan will include specific calorie and macronutrient targets. 


Eat clean consistently

We deliver every Monday and Thursday. Every meal includes a lean protein and 2 servings of vegetables, all weighed to ensure you get the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 


Choose a Method to get started


Eat clean with Methodology